This is a story that was written by a famous Japanese writer named Eiichiro Oda. Eiichiro Oda started this beautiful work in the late 90s; it started in 1997 at the weekly Shonen Jump. It was serialized in Shueisha’s Shonen Manga magazine. This manga consists of a total of 106 tankobon, normally known as volumes, as of July 2023. This story consists of beauty, daring, excitement, and lots of adventure. Monkey D. Luffy and his crew, also known as the Straw Hat Pirates, will explore the Grand Line of the Sea. Which is said to have the most precious mythical treasures, popularly known as “One Piece”. “One Piece” – anime of the century.

At the very beginning of the anime series, it was shown that a pirate named Gol.D.Roger He has discovered the treasure named “One Piece”. After that, the government had a group of people to reduce the crime rates, and the pirates who were willing to rule for the country had captured Gol. D. Roger to execute him for the charge of taking the greatest treasure of all time, known as “One Piece”. At the time of his execution, he told everyone that the greatest treasure of all time, “One Piece,” exists, and it was hidden by him at the point of the deep sea.

Interesting facts that everyone must know about the anime of the century – “One Piece”.

The world of One Piece is populated by humans and many other races, such as giants, merfolk, fishmen, dwarves (more akin to faeries in size), long-limbed tribes, long-necked people known as the snake-neck tribe, and animal people (known as “Minks”). There was a group of agencies named Cipher Pol, generally the secret police organization of the World Government. The world was governed by an intercontinental organization known as the “World Government,” consisting of dozens of members from all over the country. There was also the Navy, the sea military branch of the World Government, that promised to protect the people from sea pirates and other criminals. Pirates are the major opponents of the government; according to the story, the ones who challenge their rule are the Revolutionary Army, which seeks to overthrow all of them.

The world of One Piece itself consists of two very vast oceans divided by a massive mountain range called the Red Line, and within the oceans is the second global phenomenon known as the Grand Line. The Grand Line is a sea that runs perpendicular to the Red Line, and it is bounded by the Calm Belt, also known as the Calm Ocean. The geographical barriers of the world are divided into four seas commonly known as North Blue, South Blue, East Blue, and West Blue.

“One Piece” is the greatest anime of all time

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Story of the greatest anime “One Piece” described in detail.

The whole story is based on the hero of this anime, Monkey D. Luffy, who is known as the son of the leader of Revolulitonry Army known as Monkey D. Dragon. He was young when he ate a devil fruit named Gomu Gomu no Mi. Later, it was confirmed that the devil fruit was not Gomu Gomu; it was Hito Hito no Mi, modeled by Nika the sun god. In the anime, it was seen that Luffy awakened his powers during his fight with Kaido. He transformed into a mythical being called Nika.

Luffy had his first crew member, who was a pirate hunter also a swordsman named Roronoa Zoro. The second was a money-obsessed thief and navigator who agreed to become the navigator of their ship, Nami. The third was a snipper and a compulsive liar who had lied all the time, named Usopp. The fourth was that they had acquired a ship and given it the name of Going Merry. It was replaced with the Thousand Sunnys. The Fifth was an amorous flirting type of man but a chivalrous cook. The sixth was an anthropomorphized reindeer doctor Tony Tony Chopper.

The seventh was Nico Robin, an archaeologist and former assassin of Baroque works. The eighth was Franky, a cyborg shipwright; he also modified Going Merry to the Thousand Sunny. The Ninth was a skeleton musician as well as a swordsman named Brook. The Tenth is a whale shark-type fisherman – Jimbei. He was a former member of the Seven Warlords of the Sea. They are all members of the Straw Hat Pirates. At present, there are almost 1075 anime episodes for “One Piece”.

It is proven by the fans and eventually we can say “One Piece” – anime of the century.

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