National Creators Award 2024
National Creators Award 2024

National Creators Award 2024 was held on 8th of March in New Delhi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi honored a number of social media content creators at the Bharat Mandapam for their creative work in the areas of education, history, and tourism, among other subjects, and for their good influence.

What is the National Creators Award?

With social media’s prominence, the creator industry is expanding at a rapid pace worldwide. Tons of digital creators on Instagram, Facebook, X, and other platforms produce material on a variety of topics, including fashion, technology, general knowledge, education, travel, and more.

In light of this newly popular vocation in the nation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has therefore established a new category of honors called the Creators.

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National Creators Award 2024
National Creators Award 2024

More than 200 individuals who create content were selected as potential winners in 23 different categories. These categories include awards like the Best Storyteller Award, Favorite Celebrity Creator, and New India Champion. The list that follows will reveal the winners in each of these categories –

National Creators Award 2024: Full list

  • Disruptor of the Year award: Ranveer Allahbadia (BeerBiceps).
  • Best Creator in Education Category(Male & Female):  Naman Deshmukh.
  • Best Creator in Tech Category: Gaurav Chaudhary(Technical
  • Favourite Travel Creator: Kamiya Jani.
  • Best Health and Fitness Creator: Ankit Baiyanpuria.
  • Best Creator in Food Category: Kabita Singh (Kabita’s
    Kitchen) .
  • Celebrity Creator of the Year: Aman Gupta.
  • Green Champion’ Category: Pankhti Pandey.
  • Best Storyteller: Keerthika Govindasamy.
  • Cultural Ambassador of the Year: Maithili Thakur.
  • Most Creative Creator Female: Shraddha Jain.
  • Most Creative Creator Male: RJ Raunac.
  • Heritage Fashion Icon Award: Jahnvi Singh.
  • Best Creator for Social Change Award: Jaya Kishori.
  • Best Micro Creator Award: Aridaman.
  • Best Creator in Gaming Category Award: Nishchay.
  • Swachhta Ambassador Award: Malhar Kalambe.
  • Best International Creator Award: Drew Hicks, Kili Paul and
    Cassandra Mae Spittmann.
  • Best Nano Creator Award: Piyush Purohit.
  • Most Impactful Agri Creator: Lakshay Dabas.
  • The New India Champion Award: Abhi and Niyu.
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