Death Note
“Death Note” is the most mysterious anime of all Time.

Titled “Death Note,” created by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata. This story is chilling. With 37 episodes, the series focuses on Light’s attempt to bring an end to immoral individual around the world. Through the lethal efforts of the Death Note, a specialized Japanese police task force. Which was led by the enigmatic L, works to catch him.

In the anime, Light’s misuse of his newfound power is showcased, and it influences him to adopt the pseudonym Kira, a god-like identity known to the world. The series is captivating, featuring some profoundly distorted characters, and it’s so mysterious that you can never predict what will happen next.

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It gave a Massacre to the people of China for a long period of Time.

Students started buying stationary notebooks and, following the instructions from the manga, began writing the names of people they disliked on its pages. In response, the school completely banned the use of stationary notebooks. Shenyang Night Report also publishs a testimonial from a middle school student. It was indicating that several of his classmates has Death Note notebooks. When they got tired of studying, they would write the names of teachers they disliked.

A comprehensive news report by a Chinese publication described the sales of Death Note notebooks among students in the city of Shenzhen, China.

The famous notebooks from Takeshi Obata’s manga became a favorite among primary and middle school students. A few days after the report has publishes, the Cultural Market Administrative and Law Enforcement Department confiscated more than 187 Death Notebooks from toy and school utensil stores in the city.

Is Light a Good guy or Bad Guy?

“Reincarnation” challenges the audience’s understanding of good and evil, keeping them on edge. First, we meet Ryuk, the bored Shinigami with his ashen skin, unusually long limbs, retractable wings, large yellow eyes. He also has a wide, eerie smile reminiscent of a vulture.

In the Shinigami realm, set in a dark and desolate setting, Ryuk sits far away from another Shinigami. Ryuk’s eye turns pitch black in an extreme close-up, and then it cuts to the same frame with Light. As he was sitting in his classroom. He was looking out of the window. He was losing his thoughts.

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