Is Saitama really that much strong as discussed?
Saitama is being the most strongest character in One Punch Man.

Blast is considered the most powerful hero in the Hero Association’s One Punch Man series. Fubuki, while acknowledging Blast as the top hero, remains somewhat of a mystery to the entire fan base because he hasn’t been explored thoroughly in the series yet. Is Saitama really that much strong as discussed?

Nevertheless, in terms of importance, it’s hoped that One Punch Man will turn its attention to Blast in the future. Blast has already showcased his power to the readers in the current storyline. This has left many fans wondering if C-Class hero Saitama is stronger than Blast who is from S-Class.

The Unknown Presence of Saitama Known as Caped Baldy as his hero’s name.

The only way to compare these characters is based on the recognition they have gained so far. Since Blast hasn’t truly demonstrated his power, identifying a winner can be challenging. Since raw strength isn’t the only metric for evaluating someone’s combat abilities, when we compare Caped Baldy to Blast, we’ll consider factors like power, speed, and versatility.

In previous chapters, Blast attempted to intervene and make an attack, but Garou’s evasion skills allowed him to avoid Blast’s assault. Garou wasn’t just limited to that; he was even able to counter Blast’s attack through dimensional displacement, taking it to another level. This clearly shows that Blast’s attack turned into a global threat mode, but it couldn’t harm the Hero Hunter.

In One Punch Man Chapter 167, Caped Baldy was far more formidable. Saitama skillfully used Garou’s evasion against him, teleporting during Blast’s attack and then swiftly striking him down. Saitama’s serious table flip was so powerful that it shattered an entire page of the webcomic.

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The fighting that happened between Garou and Saitama shocked everyone.

Despite having a power known as “God,” Saitama’s strength still left Garou astonished. Therefore, in comparison to Blast, One Punch Man’s hero, Saitama, has showcased more strength. Another thing to keep in mind is how the Mangaka has constructed this power. One Punch Man is written in a way where the rules of the universe do not apply to Saitama. Is Saitama really that much strong as discussed ?

Saitama’s patience was so immense that he was not affected by Garou’s radiation.Similarly, Blast possesses a similar power where atomic radiation doesn’t affect him. However, considering these characters based on their recent actions, there’s no doubt that Saitama, the hero from One Punch Man, has displayed more power.

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