Can we say that Kalaastar would be the greatest hit?
Kalaastar to be released soon.

In India, for the hip-hop revolution, Hiradesh Singh, also known as Yo Yo Honey Singh, is renowned. Starting his journey as a music producer in Punjab, he carried the desire to spread his sound to every corner of India from his hometown. With a deep-rooted aspiration, he supplied hits and chart-toppers in Bollywood cinema and beyond, for the masses and the classes alike. Can we say that Kalaastar would be the greatest hit?

Next year, his biggest collaborator album yet is dropping, “International Villager 2,” a sequel to my 12-year-old album, “International Villager,” loaded with Indian and international collaborations. It’s a massive project, a 20-song album. But after the launch of Honey 3.0, we received tremendous feedback that people want your Yo Yo Honey Singh sound, they want your production. So, I need International Villager 2 for them. And it’s a tough job, and I’m giving them words they’ve never heard before.

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YoYo Honey Singh said the following lines in his recent Interview.

I’m not seeking a comeback; I’m seeking a revolution. There’s a difference. I’ve never been away. Yes, I haven’t been to the market or seen people, but my songs were still playing on the radio, in clubs. I’ve only traveled once to India, even though I didn’t get a hit in those last few years. I think the only hit was “Saiyaan Ji,” which came out two years ago.

This is my third version because I started as Honey Singh. Then, I became Yo Yo Honey Singh, and then I was invisible for a while because I was unwell. Now, I’ve come back, but in a different version. I’m fighting at that level, which was my previous milestone. The battle is still on. That’s why we have Honey 3.0. We’ve received mixed reactions. Some fans like it, and some say it’s not like Yo Yo Honey Singh.

So, I’m battling with it. I’m battling with myself. I’m self-observing because I haven’t sung for five years. I was unwell at home, not watching television, not listening to the radio, not connecting with what was happening. And the world has moved ahead. I don’t want to do what I was doing in 2014. I want to find something new within myself. I’m only reviving myself, traveling, meeting new people, new artists, new energies, and Gen-Zs. I want to understand Generation Z.

Revealing his new song’s Teaser(Master-piece for his Fanbase).

Talking about the song’s creativity, the credit for the song goes to Roni Aijan Ali and Gill Machhrai, who wrote the song. I’m letting you know that this song is presented by G Music Company. The song’s release date hasn’t been announced yet. The name of that Album will be Kalaastar. Can we say that Kalaastar would be the greatest hit?

Regarding the work front, Honey Singh is coming back strong, and he’s taking it step by step. “Kule Kule” is a collaboration with Apache Indians, and it’s a part of Honey Singh’s dream. So, let us know in the comments section how excited you are after watching these songs. Stay tuned to Filmibeat for more updates!

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