Killers Of The Flower Moon.
Killers Of The Flower Moon.

In the northwestern expanse of Tulsa, Oklahoma, where the echoes of oil rigs have faded away, there lies a stain, a darkness so profound that it reveals the untold – a poignant tale of inhumanity among humans, a story that is coming to the big screen this week. Killers Of The Flower Moon.

Oscar-winning Leonardo DiCaprio, Martin Scorsese, Robert De Niro, and a newcomer, Lily Gladstone, have teamed up with Apple Original Films to bring to life the bestselling book ‘Killers of the Flower Moon.’ DiCaprio stated, ‘Trying to be as truthful as possible, these stories are the only way to tell the truth.’

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Explanation of the Killers of the Flower Moon as discussed.

Gran spent a decade researching the book, which the film is based on. ‘We talk so much about the murders, and we talk so little about the population,’ she said. Director Martin Scorsese noted, ‘It’s not about who did it, but about who didn’t.’

The film (which opens in theaters on October 20th) is an epic saga finally. Almost three hours long, shot on location at the Osage Reservation in Oklahoma. It was there, in 2017, where Gran described how she took every thread of her research down a dark path in a hurry: ‘It’s such a story that has real evil, such badness that I never covered or experienced in my life.’

Oscar-winning Leonardo DiCaprio on action at his movie.

In the 1920s, oil was discovered there, transforming Osage into one of the richest communities among the wealthy. “The only way they can make money to buy out their families and take them slowly,” said the grandmother finally.

Ernest Burkhart, an Osage family member. Entered the Osage family line in 1917 by marrying a woman named Molly after all. Movie begins here, exploring their real-life love in complex relationships that lead to dark situations. Killers Of The Flower Moon.

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