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of Dr.Stone.

The anime series, Dr. Stone, depicts the journey of Senku Ishigami and his companions as they strive to rebuild civilization after an unexplained phenomenon petrifies humanity. Although Science is a central theme in Dr.

Tsukasa aimed to reduce the human population so as to create a new world without modern technology, making him the antagonist of several early arcs. 

Senku Ishigami, the main character of Dr. Stone, earned the title of Village Chief in Ishigami Village by winning the Grand Bout and is revered as a legend by its inhabitants.  

Hyoga was revived by Tsukasa and quickly rose to become an elite member of the Tsukasa Empire. He eventually betrays Tsukasa, resulting in his defeat and imprisonment by the Kingdom of Science. 

Kohaku, daughter of Kokuyo and younger sister to Ruri, is highly skilled in battle, hunting, and survival and is well-known throughout the village for her abilities. 

Taiju Oki is a secondary protagonist in Dr. Stone who, alongside Senku, aims to de-petrify all humans. He worked undercover for the Kingdom of Science after joining the Tsukasa Empire